Underworld - Push Downstairs Lyrics

Artist: Underworld Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Beaucoup Fish
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(it was coming out from Texas)
(maybe Maryland yeah)
(yeah I remember that now)
(I do remember that)
(to record, because)

Push [Repeat x3]
Tina [Repeat x3]
Tina lives in Berlin her voice so seldom
On my machine is here tonight
And I'm on the market
And when I'm on the market
Words move faster
Wire and clouds move thin between us
Like a skin
Like a salty skin
For a seed
A fat circles
Smiling smiling
Her voice so intentionally
Smiling and a clouds between us
These are my intentions
These are my intentions
Pushing [Repeat x3]
Pushing [Repeat x3]
Kiss me I see you
I've seen you before
I know about you I been told about you
You were waiting
And the wind's waiting for me to call
And you were waiting and the air where it's thin
Coming through the tiny holes
Your hunger
Coming through the tiny holes your finger
Coming through the tiny holes and the edges of the night
And the tips of your wings are coming through the tiny holes
Pushing [Repeat x7]
These are my intentions
These are my intentions
? the blonde
Is carrying something is carrying me
And someone I used to be
Great plastic someone
Blue plastic girl
Your dream is
Pushing [Repeat x10]
Push the way your body is
Pushin' pushin' pushin'
Push the way come me for the unbelieve
Carry on song
Lipstick fodder the boyfriend blond
Between the holes of sheets
Is professionally poised
Faces watchin' her
She's watching the faces
Watching her
These are my intentions
These are my intentions
Push [Repeat x3]
Tina [Repeat x2]
Push [Repeat x3]
Tina [Repeat x3]

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