Unearth - Lie to Purify Lyrics

Artist: Unearth Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Oncoming Storm
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Consumed by self loving pain, self loathing bliss
It ears away, burns you like a cancer
The feeling's inside, mask your size with your will
Now you fall from heart and soul
Break, years of frustration
All too plain to see

Ease into war
Invade with foul fingers
Lie to purify
Crushing what's not you

They say some are born with a blackened heart
Fell to the curse of a bastard life
Cursed with a bastard life
Your lust to celebrate your name
Will cause your fall
Can't change, years of frustration
All have yearned to see

The pedestal crumble
Ignored actor of aggression
Falsify to slave
Avoiding all that's true

You stand up, then you fall heartless, soulless appetite
You're crossing almost every line
Now it's time to wash away
You lost your way
You crossed the line
You crossed the line

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