Unearth - This Glorious Nightmare Lyrics

Artist: Unearth Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on III: In the Eyes of Fire
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Divine intoxication spills out the bores
A self diluting fix that craves all the more
Destructive seasoned vet,full glass of sting
A bittersweet triumph that weighs in each day

Obsession-my falsest friend
Moderation-a fantasy that I cant win
Devastation-a hardship loss
Demanding-the pain of wasted years

Lift me up,
Tear me down,
Will I last through this glorious nightmare

Collapse all that sacred,prey on the weak
Slow painful suicide that steals from each man
Hells fire soon returns to rape the well
Prolific doom machine that hears our words

I'm fighting the will to live,
With countless persuasions
I'm fighting the will to live,
The endless temptations,
Its lifeless grip,
That haunts us all

Pulling from every direction,
Its lifeless grip graps hold
Yearning is now my dissension,
Its lifeless grip graps hold


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