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Artist: Unearth Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on III: In the Eyes of Fire
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Wander this world with tired hands
Wander these streets a broken man
Been through this time after time
And it won't be the last,
But I won't break again

Second lease on a terminal change
Every step met with force and demands
Reclaim all that loved and destroyed
Belief lends a hand to the path of the strong

I want to know, need to know, my next lesson
I want to feel what's alive inside of me
I want to know, need to know, my impression
I want to look inside and see what's made to be
I want to know

Concede the loss of the some to fuel the life of others
The unstoppable

Wandered alone, won't break again
Left forgotten and without hope, I still remain
Can't stop this heart
Won't break again
Forever as stone

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