The Timid Lyrics

Unfinished Thought

album: Track 10 in album Based on Actual Events
release date: 2004-4-14
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genres: Electronic
styles: Darkwave

Cover Art

Unfinished Thought Based on Actual Events cover art
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The Lifeless And Mundane
World I've Built Around Me

Some By Design
Most By Default
Each Piece Has Its Place
And Each Place With A Face

But They're All So Very Ordinary

And Each Day That Passes
She Tightens Her Leash
And They Sharpen Their Teeth
While I Sit On My Hands
And Do All That I Can
To Hold Back Their Advances

And Then One Day It Will Be
When The World Says To Me
Thanks For Your Trouble
Now Gather Your Rubble
Your Handfuls Of Memories
Of Love And Of Joy

And Your Truckloads Of Misery
Your Self Hating Toys
And Get Out Of The Way
For The Next Poor Fool To See
All The Joy This Life Will Fail To Show Him

Then Miraculously He Broke Free
Of The Grinding Routine
He Sailed To Tahiti And Found His True Love
And He Trampled My Ashes

With No Need For Sunglasses
He Turned To The Bright Shining Sun
I'm Free
No Chain No Shackles No Pain
I'm Free
No Hate And No Fear
No Misery Here

I Didn't Want To Go Out Anyway
I'd Rather Stay Home Any Day
Time Moves Now And Then And Back Again
You Are The Dream That I Will Never Realize

And Then He Screamed At Me
If Only You Had Bled A Little More
You Too Could Be Breathing Just Like Me
Everyone Wants To Be Someone
Why Not You?

And Then He Waved At Me As I Withdrew
I Can Honestly Say
This World Is Gonna Miss You

As I Realize The World Outside
Has Quietly Passed Me By
I Think To Myself
That Should Have Been Mine

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