Unfinished Thought - Voices Lyrics

Writer(s) : VANGELIS
Artist: Unfinished Thought Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Becoming Aware
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Last chance for confusion
I'm arming myself well
I can feel your intrusion

I just need
To stop the bleeding
From when I fell

How long could you stand there
Holding on to one dark thought
Holding on to your best fear
That tonight's the day
My sad will disappear

Tear drop sun shine
Melts color from your eyes
Star scape shadows
Shock memories from your mind

Sometimes I remember
To feel the chemicals
But lately I can fake my own way home

I can feel you shiver
I still shiver for you

Would you care to star in my next delusion

It breaks my heart
To see you turn around
And walk away

Listen closer
They'll show you
Who to blame

And when the time is here
Your spark will blind us all
And the ones that lost your way will wish

I can feel you shiver
I still shiver for you

It's hard to be beautiful
When the whole world is watching

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