Unholy After God Lyrics

Artist: Unholy
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Length: 6:47

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To read the heavens the signs of sky
To know the Earth to know the Air
To see things already there

Found my way thru`turmoil of times
A covenant made shine or decay
After god now free
In rapture? in harmony?

The infidel indulge in greed
Rotten blossoms of rotten seed
After god now free
Leviathan? Harmony?

After god painless shame
Of vulgar hordes greed enthroned
After god Mother unveiled
Mysterious beauty now in shame

Search for rest one peaceful place
Calm between light and shade
Somewhere in two-light world
The inner circle of hell
Here lies
Pathetic, shameless
Whole depth of emptiness
After god we`re lost
Lost it all - lost in everything