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Artist: Unicorn Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Ever Since
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I ride upon the wawes, I'm following the wind to where a shore will be.

Upen the ocean I sail with pride.
See the horizon where my dreams all died.
Still I can see the,.

You can hide your heart
But you can't deny your love.
You can hide your heart
But you can't deny your love.

An ocean of my tears
I sail upon my sorrows and my hull still sleeps
I breathe and drift away
Destination; harbour where my heart can weep.

Never believe that my love will show
just like the sunrise, a neverending glow.
Burning forever.

You can hide your heart...

Here I am on the waters of broken hearts.
I know the rules and when the game is lost.
Still I ride on the memories of all the years.
My veins have dried because it's blood I've cried.

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