unknown Miss Suzy Had A Steamboat Lyrics

Artist: unknown
Last update: June 2, 2015
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Other name: Hello Operator, Miss Suzy
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Miss Susie had a steamboat,
The steamboat had a bell (ding, ding)
Miss Susie went to heaven,
The steamboat went to --

Hello operator,
Please give me number nine,
And if you disconnect me,
I'll chop of your

Behind the refrigerator,
There was a piece of glass.
Miss Susie sat upon it,
Cut her big fat

Ask me no more questions,
Tell me no more lies.
The boys are in the bathroom,
Zipping up their --

Flies are in the meadow,
The bees are in the park.
Miss Susie and her boyfriend
Are kissing in
The D-A-R-K,
Dark! Dark! Dark

Dark is in the movies
movies in a show
show is in a TV
and that is all I know
I know i know it from my ma
I know I know it from my pa
I know it from my sister with a 30 acre alligator bra

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