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Nine Pound Hammer (Roll on Buddy)

cho: Roll on buddy! Don't you roll so slow.
How'm I gonna roll, when the wheels won't go.
Roll on buddy! Pull a load of coal
How'm I gonna pull, when the wheels won't roll.

This nine pound hammer is a little too heavy
For my size, buddy, for my size.

I'm a- goin' on the mountain for to see my baby
An' I ain't comin' back. Lord, I ain't comin' back.

Well when I die, you can make my tombstone
Out of number nine coal, out of number nine coal.

Ain't nobody's hammer on this here mountain
Rings like mine, that rings like mine.

Well this old hammer, it killed John Henry
Killed John Henry, but it won't kill me.

An' this old hammer rings like silver
Rings like silver, rings like gold.

It's a long way to Harlan, it's a long way to Hazard
Just to get a little brew, just to get a little brew.

note: similar to one version of Swannanoa Tunnel Collected by
Sharp as Swannanoa Town. See SWANNOA
Recorded by Merle Travis, Monroe Bros.
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