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Whiskey, O (John, Rise Her Up)

Whiskey is the life of man
I'll drink whiskey when I can,
Whiskey, O, Johnny, O
John rise her up from down below.
Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey,O
Up aloft this yard must go,
John rise her up from down below.

I like whiskey hot and strong,
I'll drink whiskey all day long.

Whiskey made my mother cry
Of whiskey she was always shy.

Champagne is good, and so is rum
And beer is good enough for some.

I'll drink it hot, I'll drink it cold
I'll drink it new, I'll drink it old.

Whiskey made me sell my coat,
Whiskey's what keeps me afloat.

Whiskey killed my sister Sue
Whiskey killed my brother, too.

Some likes whiskey, some likes beer
I wish I had a barrel here.

Whiskey made the bosun call
Hang together one and all.

Whiskey stole me brains away
One more pull and we'll belay!

Recorded by Killen, 40 North to 40 North
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