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Artist: Unsung Zeros Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on The People Mover
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Take me out
Drag my face across pavement
And make it look wrinkled and old
Cause that's how I feel today
Spent out like change
You toss out at toll booths
It adds up when you drive a lot
And you hate to use it
But it sends you on your way
That's the point
I went on
Without you

Thought I would fall
And no one would catch me
Lose all I had going for me
But I was wrong
When you let someone control your life
They're the only person
Who makes it seem right
It's hard to change

The funny thing is
I'll end up in the same place
Yeah, history repeats itself
And it's sad but at least
This time I'll know
That every broken heart's
Not the end of the world
Even though it is hard to believe
I'll cry and I'll go on

That's the point
I can go on
Without you

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