Usher - Bedtime Lyrics

Writer(s) : EDMONDS
Artist: Usher Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on My Way
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Craving your body all through the night
Feels like I'm going through withdrawals
I want to hold you
I want you inside of these arms

I'm dying to taste you I can't deny
Can't get it out of my mind
Please let me hold you
Cause I need your lovin' tonight

Whenever I'm near you
My love just comes down
Whenever I see you
I just want you around
Cause I want to feel you
All through the day and the night
Whenever I'm near you
It feels like bedtime

Constantly thinking of things to do
Places where we can make love
I want to freak you
I'll freak you wherever you want

Placing my kisses all over you
Caressing you so nice and slow
Oh how I want you
Girl there's something I want you to know


Do you get lonely?
(I get so lonely)
Thinking about me
(thinking about you)

Am I the only
(girl I think of or dream of at all)
Are you into ,out your mind for me? Say you can't go a day without me
(girl I need you and I want you girl I need you I need you I need you)


It feels like bedtime

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