Vader - As Heavens Collide... Lyrics

Artist: Vader Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Impressions in Blood
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Damnation marches in,
Apocalypse fortold by myths,
Earth's realm ends in pain,
As the rivers run red,
With the blood of the suffering,
Humanity punished for all its sins.
Bow Down...As the heavens collide
Bow Down...For the sins of the flesh
[Lead: Mauser]
Religion, as opium to mankind,
Oppressed by myths and lies,
All bibles, written by the human race
Institutions for the sheeps.
For the spirit outlives the flesh,
No God will keep us crawling,
See through the book of lies,
Mankind, the seed of the World
[Lead: Peter]
Bow Down to none...As the skies stay clear
Bow Down to none...For no God is greater then YOU!!!

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