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Artist: Vader Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on The Ultimate Incantation
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Time to play - get out of your head
Time do die - my cruelty will make you dead
Show your fear, don't escape into madness
Your rotting gutted body
Shall vanish in the maze of death
An ablazing usurper's dream
Blasphemy to idols made in stone
Throne of might and its unsen lord
Stars waned by the fright of him
Shining lewels in his crown
Like drops of my sacrifical blood
Ceremony of the abhorrent deaths
Words too insane to tell
The pentagramic rule
Of the frigid existence
Distainful temptation
Of an absurd resistance
Mindless decaying eyes of the dead
Observe the world with fear
Staring at the crown of limitles domination
Dementias perverse lust and will
To see my master as triumph you
Extreme of my coldful force
To bring his enemies down on their knees
Cruel, irresponible widsom
Purity of duration in fear
Chaotic experiences of my mind
Becoming now to be distinct

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