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Artist: Vader Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Ultimate Incantation
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Burnt hill abandoned by life
Sealed with thousand curses
Haunted by the shadows
Unholy place where the dead materialize
In their phantom form
To penetrate the minds of the living ones
So I call to thee
Reading words of the unholy conjuration
I have to know
I have to see
Let the blaze be free!
Fifty names
Of the watchin' at the gates
All the human fear
In it's physical apperance
Open the gates
For the chariots in a blaze
Call the wind from the burning deeps of space
Look at the blood
Coming into sight
The days gonna die, and will never be born again!
Shapeless fleshes in silvery glow
Smell the breath
From the open throats of graves
Darkness grows
Clammy fog descends
Demons wind, the stars answer your desire
Join the undead
That's she place you'll never leave
You wanna die... but death cannot do us apart
Eternal call lurking in a mind
Awaiting the time to woke the madness up
For everyone forgotten from the ace of men
Let my words be warning

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