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(Feat. Jadakiss & Troy Ave)
Old school 'on my second car and get '
Can't talk more, fuck you he told me he was the best
Told 'em with the make I got a cover then nigga bless
We're alright, yeah parties and you're alright
Take it like more days 'glass taking and '
'you call wife
'low for business
Reservation for free '
Put 'em up 'emblem
I'll be playing on my'
Never doubt, never doubt '.stay in patios
I need more 'stay in the face '
'you gotta get this more
If you real like me and you fell like me 'let's go
'keep it cool
It's not you I won't trust it's just secrets '
I won't fuck say that to people '
Touching me and have no time to '
'you see us '
Party in every day '
'two cars away to exprime just what we '
Players got several, my men got 'hoping for fun '
Man I'm telling you need cash to live
Like the rock '
I'll be playing I'll be chasing '
See nigga stay patience, I need to get the place I need more, more, more
Gotta get this go
If you real like me and you fell like me ' let's go
Top down, to the next hood, I found everything out to the West hood
'going on, all they do'when I point it on
Keeping coming , you know I'm on my '
Nigas know I'm in the '
I'll do your research 'stop telling on nigga that what we work
'don't showing on the GPS
I could kill you but that will be a easy death
Yeah I'mma get it forever cuz money ain't one of my problem and never was
'I need more, more, more
'go to get this go
If you real like me and you fell like me ' let's go

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