Happy Hanukaust Lyrics

Vaginal Jesus

album: Track 14 in album Affirmative Apartheid
release date: 2000
popularity : 8 users have visited this page.
genres: Rock
styles: Hardcore/Punk/Grindcore
length: 4:03

Cover Art

Vaginal Jesus Affirmative Apartheid cover art
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Your uncle is a bar of soap, your cousin is a lampshade
Your best friend is a candle, and you're a fucking jew
Your neighbors are a landfill, too bad you got away
But all the jews that didn't have rotted in the lime pits
50 years later, you've still got an agenda
For world domination, but you'd better think again
To when we had the upper hand, der furher had control
You kikes were in the cattle cars, then shoved into an oven...
Think of all the friends and family you lost...
Happy Hanukaust!
You claim six million, i wish it were true
But you're a pack of lying fucking jews
A holocaust memorial is built on the land
Where most of your relatives are buried in the sand
In bulldozed graves to cover the pollution...
Too bad you weren't part of the final solution
Wearing long sleeves to cover your tattoo
Will never hide the fact that you're a dirty jew
Think of all the friends and family you lost...
Happy Hanukaust!
Light the menorah and think of the time
When you sold out your neighbors for a handful of dimes
All those filthy jews... they must have been pissed,
They couldn't buy their way onto Schindler's list
Think of all the friends and family you lost...
Happy Hanukaust!

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