Van Hunt - Hello, Goodbye Lyrics

Writer(s) : Hunt, Van / Whitehead, Curtis
Artist: Van Hunt Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Van Hunt
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You won't stay and you won't go
Love shouldn't be so complicated
You won't say yes you won't say no
Yellow lights you've contemplated

Tell me when you will decide
Baby if it's you and I
You just can't keep me on the side forever

I know you think our love is strong
But I just can't keep hanging on
What you gon' do when tomorrow's gone forever
You keep runnin' in and out of my life
Hello, goodbye

You don't laugh and you don't cry
Love can't live without emotion
You don't reveal and you don't hide
Wearing your disguise out in the open


You're so hot and you're so cold
Love is here and then love leaves
And you switch so fast I don't know
If my head can handle the speed


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