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Artist: Van Hunt Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on On the Jungle Floor
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All the men in her life
They been hung up, poster-ized
Like dead heroes
She done traveled the globe
Leaving their hearts pulverized
From coast to coast
Invited me over for tea
Looking hot and murderous
From head to toe
I took a seat right by the door
With my hand on my gun
Determined to keep my clothes on
She kiss me on my neck
And I feel the fire
... Feel those cameras flashin'
... Feel them hot stage lights
I've been voted best
#1 desire
... the latest passion
It's clear
I'm man of the year
But I won't go near
Them hot stage lights
She's in tears
I'm man of the year
And I won't go near
Them hot stage lights
She can shoot through my window
But, I'm already gone
Cursed and criminal
And, she won't waste her breath
She'll send me a text on the phone
With her thoughts in prose
I don't lover her as much as I glamorize her
Like a centerfold
I don't want her as much as I want to own her
And, then let her go
Today her love, tomorrow the world
Wish I could stay
But, I'm looking for more
Maybe one day
At the end of the tour
I'll stop by-if I'm
Ready for the hot stage lights

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