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Album: Track 8 on The Power
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Mother Mary, Mother Mary.
I want the power,
I want the power,
I want the power,
I want the power,
I want the power,
I want the power.

Mother Mary,
Please answer my prayers,
I want to run free,
And I need you to be there.
I'm going to take some chances
I never took before,
I've got to live my life,
And I'm gonna risk it all.
I look to the sky,
And suddenly I know,
I've made up my mind,
I'm never letting go.

It's the power I want,
It's the power I need,
To make me run,
To make me see for real.
It's the power I want,
To let me do what I feel,
To make me run,
To make me be for real.

Unlike a miracle,
Or a wish upon a star,
The power to be me,
Is all I need to start,
To do things I'll never regret,
And to leave the rest behind.

Chorus x 2

You're the one to only help me,
The only one, so help me, help me,
Give it to me, to me, to me,
Oh Mother Mary,
Please, please, please, please,
Please just help and watch me shine,
Then watch the power, make me fly away.
Mother Mary, Mother Mary.

Chorus x 3

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