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Written by Kit Hain
Sung by Kristy McNichol and Christopher Atkins

When will I find I love?
Where will she be,
And if she's out there will she wait for me?

How will he know me?
Will I know him?
Is there no end to all my questioning?

Can I believe what I am seeing, what I am feeling
Something so rare, watching her there
She makes my heart stop.

Can I believe what I'm feeling, my head is reeling,
He just looked my way, from the start I can say
I will give him everything.
Strange emotions wash over me
Like the motion of the deepest sea,
And I feel

First love (I need nobody but you),
You're all I'm dreamed of (I will be constant and true),
Love moves me inside like the moon moves the tide.
My first love.

Can it be true? Can this be real love?
Am I worthy of a vision so pure
O lovely one, she's what I waited for.

Can it be true, or am I dreaming?
He makes my heart sing
Watching his eyes, a look that warms me like the sunrise.
Strange emotions are calling me,
I am falling, falling helplessly in


Some kind of miracle brought your here
Just when I'd given up hoping.
From the moment when you first appeared,
I could feel my whole life opening in


And I promise to be true to you
My first love

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