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Album: Track 10 on Vasaria
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I have awakened form my death sleep
Arisen from the grave in which I lay
Searching for something to sink my teeth in
To satisfy an insatiable appetite
I feast obscenely in the midnight hour
Tonight it's going to be you
You're mesmerized you are hypnotized
The darkness it beckons to you

You're my most
My most precious
My most precious blood

Gleaming, you swoon in ecstasy
Caressed and bitten you need more
Spellbound you're drained dry of blood
My veins pulsate with your vibrant juices
Heaven is near but hell's already here
And you will always belong to me
You're mesmerized, you are hypnotized
The darkness it beckons to you


Yes, I've got you completely in my power
And before the dawn I'll be back for you
Then once again you'll swoon in ecstacy
Once again...


I'll be back for you...


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