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Artist: Vasaria Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Vasaria
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Let the night begin...

Through a black mass of drifting clouds
Shines a struggling ray of moonlight
A sudden stillness revels the air
As wolves, they howl in the distance
Ensuring total disgrace
Forever dormant in its state

The need it reaches forth
It beckons,... Ugly as sin
With impulses it fills
Ugly as sin

Devil's incarnate, a vision in black
She breaths the spirit of the night
Carnal parasite writhing in thirst
Bound by desire and dripping with fear
Ensuring total disgrace
Forever dormant in its state


Fall to your knees as you beg
In a surge of anticipation
Swept beyond the pursuit
You cringe at my very command
Drenched with sweat, there you squirm
For the dawn it has yet to come, yet to come
Slithering in total disgrace
All that is vile has vanquished you.. you rejoice



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