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Artist: Vaya Con Dios Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Promise
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You say you love me You say you love to love me You say you love to love me baby You think about me all the time When you wake up in the morning And in your sweet dreams at night You say you love to love me baby You say I'm always on your mind That you would die if you would lose me That I'm the flavour in your life You say you love to love me baby And if there's sadness in your eyes It's ‘cos you want me for you only And never want to say goodbye Do you love me baby Like you used to love me Do you want me baby Like you used to want me But I don't know why I can't believe what you say After the Sunday you lied About that phone call you made No I don't why Your heart went astray When you made me your wife After the promise we made You say the girl meant nothing baby It was a little game you played To pass the time when you were lonely While I was away How could you purr to her now baby The way you used to purr to me How could you use the same words baby Deceiving her deceiving me

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