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Artist: Veto Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on There's a Beat in All Machines
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there's the house I used to live in
and the windows they are shut
there's the car I used to drive
but the doors are safely locked
is there no one
who can help me now?
is there no one
who can guide me out?
this is the road I used to walk on
but the pavement is cracking up
one of the things I couldn't give you:
a steady faith in things to come
and this is the evening light I speak of
when we talk the whole night through
what were the words I tried to tell you:
do you know that I love you?
and then she said:
you have to turn
but turn the other way around!
then she said to me:
there's a rhythm in you!
a rhythm you just have
to follow through!
then she said to me:
there's a melody in you!
a melody you just have
to sing out loud!

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