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Artist: Vic Chesnutt Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Little
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I was shivering, I'll admit it
I had nothing better to do
except to wheeze my lazy wheeze
"Bernadette, where are you"
"Bernadette, where are you"

she gets much acclamation
for such a self ordained Faustian
Bernadette doesn't like doubters
she wants to fight in the Coliseum

what can you tell me of Therese and Isabelle
was it just fate that brought them together
or did they will their unusual union
in cahoot of love or all of the above
in cahoot of love or all of the above
in cahoot of love or all of the above

I was sputtering
but I got over it after hours of tireless rewiev
under the gracious and analytical hands
"Bernadette I honor you"
"Bernadette I honor you"
"Bernadette I owe you some"

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