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Artist: Vickie Winans Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Woman to Woman: Songs of Life
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Joyful, joyful lord we adore thee God of glory lord of love Hearts unfold like flowers before theee Hail thee as the son above Hail the clouds of sin and sadness Drive the dark of doubt away Giver of emmortal gladness Fill us with the light Fill us with the light Oh, fill us with the light of day Joyful, joyful lord we adore thee And in my life i put none before thee From my past to my cash you can know me Yo man it's a blast if you show me Straight up its real, the world don't control me Something beyond the world has come on upon me Try and shake it fast but his eyes stayed upon me Yo mama preachers said, jesus will show me You livin so clearly we gotta keep it boldly You know yall feel me so just ? You down with g o d Yeah you know me Who's down with g o d Everybody Come and join the chorus The mighty mighty chorus Which the mornging stars begun (?) The father of love is waiting for us By the way What have you done for him lately Oooo yeah What have you done for him lately He watches over everthi
ng So we sing Chorus

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