Vickie Winans Trust Him Lyrics

Artist: Vickie Winans
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Hook I'm gon keep on trustin' Gon keep on keeping on I'm gonna, i'm gonna trust him Let go, act like it's alright Bring in some sunshine We gotta, we gotta trust him Verse 1 Oh, take a miniute sit down relax he's got cha back and Oh, when you're low that's when he's close Can you feel the love It's like taken a ride and you don't know Exactly where it might stop, where it might go Um, and it's moving so slow Must be a reason must be a plan Won't leave me stand ing here alone Wearing your name singing your praise Praying it won't be long Whatever you choose to do i'm never leaving you Your love is true and i'm gonna trust you Repeat hook Verse 2 Oh, falling on my knees hoping that you please hurry Oh, can you touch me won't you send me your clory If you don't do it, then it won't be done I'm waiting right here not gon' give up Um, lord it's getting so close Closing my eyes hoping i find a wonderful surprise Lifting my hands knowing you can Turn everything around So whatever you do i'm never leaving y
ou Your love is true I'm just gonna trust you Repeat hook Bridge They that trust in the lord won't ever, ever, be ashamed Oh, if you can let go and put your faith in his hand He's gonna show you exactly what's in his plan Breakdown Repeat hook
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