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Album: Track 4 on Yin-Yang
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U are me and I am U.
I love u for who u are not what u do.
U are pure down to the core.
I know that u're still what u were before.

Do trust but not for show.
U will only believe what u don't know.
Don't try. Just allow.
Open up to love, baby, it will show u how.

(Chorus) I am your brother. U are my son.
We are your sister and the journey's almost done.
And u've heard it time and time again so tell me wont u listen then.
It's true when I say we all are one.

All is love so do not fear.
Your attachment to illusion is what keeps u here.
Do bless all that is wrong.
That is what allows u to sing your song.

True thoughts from what u feel.
Won't u open up your heart to what is real?
I AM and u are too.
If u will just choose me, I choose u.


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