Virgin Steele - A Token of My Hatred Lyrics

Writer(s) : DAVID DEFEIS
Artist: Virgin Steele Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on The House of Atreus: Act II
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I bring vengeance!!!
I ride the severed seven winds of time
From the corner of the world
Last Holy warrior, fire in my eyes
There is hatred in my soul

Great God of the seven seas, great God of the sky
Hear me now as I ride down this wind
A king of eternity to the last, when the first stars arise
I have come claiming my victory to the end
When the carrion must die

Inside the palace, Avernus awaits
Here the floor runs red with blood
This bitter blessing demanded by my oath
Lord Apollo hear my cry!

Great God of the seven seas, great God of the sky
Hear me now as I ride down this wind
A King of eternity to the last, with a sword by my side
I have come proclaiming this victory to the house
And a butchered father's cries

Ride the wind snake through the air
See the cauldron of blood burning there
From the dark side let the child arrive
To ride the rings of the sky...on the day when all tyrants die!
I bring vengeance!!!

Life unfolds into the sin of war
Cold and proud I praise the sky
Here I stand with the Gods
Broken sword raised in might
Against the world we avenge our father, victory now !

Hear me cry, the King of eternity to the end
When all violence dies
I am yours fighting for victory to the end
When the last tyrant dies

Chain of violence, a forsaken crown
Lay the dust of your future in shrouds
For the last time the child arrives
To right the sins of his home
To the end when all tyrants die!

And the clouds of doom arise
To kill the night we wept
And the dark mist did appear.
Through the night we wept.

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