Virgin Steele - Agony and Shame Lyrics

Writer(s) : DAVID DEFEIS
Artist: Virgin Steele Lyrics
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Album: Track 20 on The House of Atreus: Act I
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I'm the King of fire, I am anger, I am pain
I am savage in my fury, I'm the world beneath your feet
Fools revere your master, thoughts of war you will disarm
I'm the nightmare with the Aegis and I will not be denied

Harpies of no morals, hands awash in ravaged lives
Witness your perdition as you writhe... in agony and shame!

Bursting from the sidelines, locked in firmly now
I am power and dominion and I will not be denied
Don't provoke this quarrel, thunder roars inside
I will leave you to the vultures stripped of all your sickly pride

Tyrant of our sorrow, coward towards the deed
(With your) Stolen bands of courage, now ***ault the skies

Don't tempt me!

Gods of war, Gods of our ancient might
Give me power to tame the savage of the blood
Gods of war, Gods of our painful fight
Give me power to break the savage of the blood

Father Zeus, Lord of the stars that shine
Where's the answer that runs from above
Show me your sign, what will I find
Eminence and vision, treasure, balance, pride...
Or agony and shame!

"Fight me...I'll be avenged for this"

Life alone or life as one
Faith in heaven is faith in hell
Prince of fortune ride, sadness leave our eyes and shine
On all we've won
I trust you, I want you, I need you...til the end of life...

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