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Album: Track 2 on Pangaea
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We started as one, then we drifted
separated as continents that shifted
all the pieces fit can't you see the
togetherness Visionaries Pangaea

It all began together
before we ever ran together
before we ever took a stand together
we understand that whether or not
we tether a knot for humanity
we must stand to weather the hatred. separation
it's easier to make than break it we're breakin'
stereotypes with the yes yall on the mic
get yourself right we're not all alike
but fall right into place face adversity
appreciate diversity nursery to university
past any degree see universally
dispersing the verse commercially or underground
one love bound by culture and sound
been around the world and no denying
we're all under the same sun so keep shining

The planet's so small with all the origins
which ever one you're in we get the light pouring in
we pass segregation with unification
savages invading civilizations
riddle the nation with belittlement
we lift off without aviation we're only divided by distance
it's an honor this is outstanding
an 8 year flight came in for the landing
we spread all over the map
instead of stripping the culture we give love back


As I walk through the labyrinth halls past the cell walls
I recall a 200,000 dream of an African Queen passing her genes
to all of our mothers silver spoons to the gutter redeem the structure
we've seen destruction and how we rebuild from nothing
slaves to infiltration of the government
a smoke ring puffed in the air
the soul's microcosmic JAH is forever the spark
behind the artist with the krylon fantip
bombin' pan

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