VNV Nation - Epicentre Lyrics

Artist: VNV Nation Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Futureperfect
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I asked myself "was I content"
with the world that I once cherished
Did it bring me to this darkened place
to contemplate my perfect future
I will not stand nor utter words against
this tide of hate
Losing sight of what and who I was again

I'm so sorry if these seething words I say
impress on you that I've become
the anathema of my soul

I can say that you're losing me
I always tried to keep myself tied to this world
but I know where this is leading
No tears
No sympathy

I can say that you're losing me
but I must be that which I am
Though I know where this could take me
No tears
No sympathy

Facing conflict deep inside myself
But here confined
Losing control of what I could not change

I ask you "please don't worry"
not for me
Don't turn your back
Don't turn away

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