Voivod - The Getaway Lyrics

Artist: Voivod Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Katorz
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Bring the boys back
They're under attack
Pack up your stuff
Before you get smacked
The maps are folded
The truck's are loaded
The spirit of the troops
By the heat remolded
The plan was simple
And time was crucial
Who knows now if
It's still essential?
A sort of revenge
Gone out of hand
Black gold is worth
A few dead men

Find the getaway
Time to get away
Find the getaway
Finally get away

Bring the kids home
Since they're on hold
The sky above their head
Is filled with black smoke
No more to prove
Their minds get loose
Becoming targets
A mirage confused
The world is watching
The moves you're making
And every action
Might be mistaken
No one's a winner
But you ain't losers
As we fill our tanks
You're damn good soldiers

Find the getaway
Time to get away
Find the getaway
Finally get away

Away from here
The battlefields of gods
The wasteland of titans
Where everything's destroyed

Only speculations
Who speaks for you
As they make their millions
I speak for you

Wait for orders!
Please stand by!
Let's call it even
Even now, even now
Before it's too late

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