Vroom - Hello, Hello Lyrics

Artist: Vroom Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Rosebud
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Is there anybody here that wants to rock?
I was hoping that your answer would be so.
Should I believe your voyueristic eyes.
If the artist is good looking we can rasie the price

Refused, where is your promised future shape?
At this point in the concert, I can hardly stay awake.
Cause I believe that anyone can change.
I'm just holding on and hoping that they'll act their age.

So take your time, don't ask for more
With all we have, we all learn to ignore
As the heart and soul of music dies
It looks alive you know

Cause everyone wants a place to go
Everyone wants a smile you know
(Flickering on the late night show
Filtering on the radio x2)

So take your time, don't ask for more
With all we have, I'd rather be ignored
Am I alive? Hello Hello
Guess all signs point to no

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