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Artist: W.A.S.P. Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on The Last Command
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I got a message for you, it's something you love to do
You're thinking 'bout it all the time
You're lying in bed and it runs through your head
'Cause you can't get it off your mind
You been thinking pink and you're losing sleep
That rush is almost all you can stand
You feel it getting hard and your crotch starts to throb
It's body language you understand

I'm talking 'bout a sex drive
Oh, it makes you feel so alive
Sex drive
Oh, it's everything you fantasize
Sex drive

Like a dog in heat, all dirty love is a treat
And ya know it's just too good to believe
That feeling second to none, you pull the trigger on your gun, baby
Gotta get some relief
Your hands - they tremble and sweat, and you want all you can get
A need to get close inside
Yeah, you can take a lickin' and keep on tickin' 'cause
You want to go on all night

I'm talking bout a sex drive
Ooh, it makes you feel so alive
Sex drive
Ooh, it's everything you fantasize
Sex drive

Come here and take what you need, baby

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