W.A.S.P. - Cries in the Night Lyrics

Writer(s) : B. LAWLESS
Artist: W.A.S.P. Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on The Last Command
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Oh, I'm sitting down, thinking about losing my mind
'Cause I keep telling myself I'm only one of a kind
My life is broke and my dreams were shattered
For so very long nothing else mattered

I'm hearing cries in the night; I can't wait another day
No, no, no, tell me no lies; I'm standing cold in the light
I lose the dream and I go crazy; I'm hearing cries in the night

Yeah, they pull at my hair, and call out my name
They think I'm cool and got worries with fame
But I'm living to lose and dying to win
With those people around here, my patience wears thin


Yeah, I'm trying to get away, get away from it all
I stand and scream; I'm not gonna crawl
The dream never dies
That's why I sing the song
Like my maddening world, it turns on and on


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