Waco Jesus - Animosity Lyrics

Artist: Waco Jesus Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Filth
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We are low life motherfucking scum the epitome of human degradation fuck you we are all
headed for oblivion the end of every thing is the way it has to be this world shit unconscious
the apocalypse is the final consequence global terrorism us verses them mother fucking
mayhem. Exercise extreme predjudice and hate catastrophic campaign get out of our fucking
way bring them to their knees mark my fucking words No regrets, fuck them they got what they
deserved pummeling leveling every thing it's all or fucking nothing we will become infamous at
any cost you don't want to challenge us The end is fucking here mother fucker are you prepared
to settle the fucking score or just shut the fuck up they never seen it coming they fucking died with
no resistance our mind set is our message to this world kill be killed we have no fucking conscience,
total apathy one hundred fucking percent animosity no repention and no remorse the only way is
all out war to advance you must kill, our sole objective is the annihilation of you bring them to their
knees at any means Bring them to their knees, at any means kill them all.......

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