Walls of Jericho - Another Day, Another Idiot Lyrics

Artist: Walls of Jericho Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on With Devils Amongst Us All
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I wonder why Every time I see you You hold your head up high So surface, So obvoius, You're holding nothing inside You're a waste of time I've had enough Why don't I help you out Cause I'm tired Of choking down your mouth Your shallow existence is tired and old Now you don't have to call me out That's something I'll proudly do on my own I have a past, I've made mistakes Love and lost, hurt a few in my time I've made some promises With remorse I fell back on my words I have only had regrets If there was no lesson to be learned And I won't forget the disasters I've counted on most And I won't let this self-destructive bomb explode These qualities are mine I have a few unlike you I work to be a better me You're self righteous What could you possibly say Here's to my enemies I wouldn't have it any other way (Thanks to Magdalena for these lyrics)

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