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Artist: Walls of Jericho Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on With Devils Amongst Us All
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A mother of three A woman buried somewhere underneath Sings a sad lullaby Forever burned inside their minds Her nights are diseased Another one full of whiskey and men To uphold her complacency As she's down On her praying hands and knees Crying out With her key in hand She opens where her real night begins Who could have known That he pushed the pain this far WIth a gun and venom in his veins He screamed, try your best Save her kids, give her life; Rip open his wrongs that will never be set right As she's down On her praying hands and knees Crying out Her daughter pleads Daddy don't With an itchy trigger He focused on her instead, Straight to her head Shooting straight to her heart How will this horror end? Face down Put up your hands How will this horror end? Face down She holds her head If she had to relive this Could she do it again? (Thanks to Magdalena for these lyrics)

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