Walls of Jericho With Devils Amongst Us All Lyrics

Artist: Walls of Jericho
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Let's open this book One more time Turn the page And bleed from the inside The haunted secrets That we find Are the final chapters To our lives Here comes the overwhelming Tragic faerytale That never seems to thrive This is the unfortunate mess That never stood a chance Someone silence her Stitch up, her wrists of wasted time Put a bullet in her mind Nail the casket for the final time This is what I see staring back at me Visible failures We've made into a lovely disaster Welcome this is your life This is your life Superhero who is searching (for his) One true mary kaye smile Reaching for his one true damsel With rapids arror of poison desire One to fuel his fire Welcome this is your life Like them we are much the same With devils amongst us all Welcome this is your life This is your life (Thanks to Magdalena for these lyrics)
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