Boll Weevil Lyrics

Walter Brennan

album: Track 7 in album Old Rivers - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas...Back Home
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length: 1:58

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The boll weevil am a little black bug
Come from Mexico they say
Came all the way from Texas
Lookin' for a place to stay
(Just lookin' for a home)
Just lookin' for a home.
The first time I seen a boll weevil
He was sittin' on a square
The next time I see a boll weevil
He had his whole darn family there
(Just lookin' for a home)
Just lookin' for a home.
--- Instrumental ---
The farmer took the boll weevil
And he throwed him in the red hot sand
The boll weevil told the farmer
I'll stand it like a man.
(This'll be my home)
This'll be my home.
The boll weevil took the cotton
The merchant took the rest
All that's left for the farmer's wife
Is one old torn up dress. ?
(It's full of holes)
It's full of holes.
If any one should ask you
Who it was who lerarned you this song
It was just an old farmer they called old willie
Now that old fellow's gone
(He found a home)
He found a home.
(He found a home.)
(He found a home.)
(He found a home.)
(He found a home.)
(He found a home...)

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