Walter Brennan Happy Birthday Old Folks Lyrics

Artist: Walter Brennan
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You know when you get to be as old as I am
Good things start to mean a lot more to you
'Cause that's when most of your family and long time friends come around
And sorta gives you somethin' to look forward to.
Sure all made a fuss over me here today
And do you want to know somethin', I kinda like it to
And when they were all eatin' one of them greandkids of mine
Slipped me something she wrote, here let me read it to you.
Dear Grandpa, so today you added one more year
Now where we gonna put that other candle
And in your wheel of life there's one more spoke
Happy Birthday old folk.
Happy birthday from all of us here
And from everyone who wished to come but just couldn't
There's a wish for you to make and our fondest hopes
Happy birthday old folk.
Thanks for givin' each of us something words won't say
From your grandson playin' there to your oldest far away
Happy birthday while the candles glow
Let this old house ring again with laughter
You stand against time like a grand old oak
Happy bithday old folk.
You stand against time like a grand old oak
Happy bithday old folk...
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