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Artist: Walter Brennan Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Old Rivers - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas...Back Home
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She's been out in that kitchen all mornin' now
'Cause tomorrow is Chrustmas eve
Now I ain't had the heart to show her some how
These letters I hate for her to read.
Yesterday mornin' I went after the mail
I always bring it back to her to open
But for some reason though I read Johnny's letter
And he ain't comin' home like we was hopin'.
With him bein' the yougest in his first year away
I knowed it was gonna hurt her some
So I didn't tell her right then thought I'd wait till today
Till after the mail had run.
Then this mornn' there was letter from both the girls
Now they wouldn't be writtin' if they was comin' home
So I opened them up and sure enough
They got around to it 'fore long.
Dear mom and dad please understand
Well, it hurts me so much to say
I won't be there the way I planned
No, I won't be home Christmas day.
Now they all three got their reasons
And each one believes the other two will be comin' home
And I know they'd find a way to be here Christmas eve
If they knowed we was goin' to be alone.
So she's out in that kitchen gettin' thing ready
For a family that won't be here
And in a little while now she'll read these letter
And each one will bring a tear.
Dear mom and dad, please understand
What it hurts so much to say
I won't be here the way I planned
No, they won't be home Christmas day...

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