Walter Hawkins There's A War Going On Lyrics

Artist: Walter Hawkins
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There's a war going on
And if you're gonna win
So you better make sure that you have Jesus deep down within
This battle cannot be won with bullets and guns
For the enemy you cannot see with human faculties
For we wrestle (not against flesh and blood)
But against (principalities)
Against the rulers of darkness (against the rulers of darkness)
Against spiritual wickedness (against spiritual wickedness)
In high places
It's a fact (it's a fact
That Satan's on your track (Satan's on your track)
And suddenly, without any warning, he'll launch his attack
Oh, this is what you have to know
You can't fight this battle on your own
You need the power of God rooted and grounded in your life
This is what the bible says...
We need the armor
We need the armor of the Lord
So we can walk right (walk right)
Talk right (talk right)
Live right (live right)
Pray right (pray right)
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