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Wake up, stop dreaming
The sun is in the sky again
There’s a hole in the ocean
And water’s pouring through
Oh, wake up stop dreaming
And wipe the sleep from your eyes
Are you frightened of heights
Are you falling

Wake up stop dreaming
There’s more than just two steps to heaven
I’m saying if you wanna get to heaven
You’d better wake up
Wake up, stop dreaming
I’m talkin’ ’bout dream and reality
I’m talkin’ ’bout love and brutality
And I’m saying wake up
Wake up

Wake up stop dreaming
Before the shutters start to groan
Well it’s something you said in the noon day sun
But I don’t recall,
I don’t recall

Wake up stop dreaming
Stop this seeming half reality
Don’t turn your face away
Look at me
As you lie sleeping
Someone’s keeping everything I knew
Don’t try to run away
It’s all new

Repeat chorus

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