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i ride with thy i slide thy
dont you know from the LBC
all the girls wanna kick it with me, cause i run with Warren G
blaze the weed bustas and g's
??? fighters, low riders and eastsiders

aaall come around, to hear the dub shack g funk sound
aaall come around to kick it in my town

let me hear you say oohh aahh
summertime in the LBC oohh aahh
summertime in the LBC

now me and my girls are deep in a 94 Rangler Jeep
flossin all through Long Beach
daisy dukes gets props
hair and nails first from the shop
and we're at the bombest spot called the shack

3 months of please
how can i measure
the relaxation
all the fun im facin'
my homies got green ??? fo sho do
hit the sto do so i can get a fo o
my lil cousins rushin to the park to munch
standing in line to get a free lunch
why do we do what we do when we do what we do hanging out late with no curfew


damn its hot than a mother
smothering ribs with barbecue sauce
fools get tossed if they reach across my barbecue grill
so continue to chill
at king's park in the LBC
that's where you'll find me
hanging with my homies and my friends

we got the coke in hand
we got a 5 footer then a twin
we got warren g and the d-o-g

all come around to hear the dub shack g funk sound

(chorus 2x)

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