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Artist: Warrior Soul Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Salutations From the Ghetto Nation
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I'm a hyper-sonic day dreamer
Kicked out of the world
My come down was amazing
Like your burnt out culture

Regress sonic sun man
Kick start it and reload
The fire now burning
Like your world out of control
Why so cold

'Cause you're blown

The wicked try to own ya
Economic styrofoam
Used to be dreaming
Now I'm locked in a stranglehold

The regress is defiant
Like the aging of my face
Crowned in hatred's glory
Just like the human race
Why so cold

'Cause you're blown

Put the money where your mouth is
So I can shove it down your throat
Like a hot shot made of plastic
With a shattered ego

The ticket to the white house
Is not a blow job for the poor
The rich man gets a suck off
'Cause the president's his whore
Why so cold

'Cause you're blown

This generation descends as witches
All that I once loved
Now silent in the sun
Feel as you scorn thee
As your tomorrow's burning
This generation lies dead before me

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