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Album: Track 2 on Drugs, God and the New Republic
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(This Is A Joy Division Song From The LP 'Unknown Pleasures')
I walked through city limits someone took me in to do it
Attracted by some force within it had to close my eyes to get close to it
Around the corner where prophet lay saw the place where she'd a room to stay
A wire fence where children play saw the bed where the body lay
And I was looking for a friend of mine and I had no time to waste
Yaeh, I was looking for some friends of mine
The car screeched in the sand and dust heard a noise - just a car outside
Metallic blue turned red with rust pulled in close by the building's side
In a group of forgotten youth had to think, collect my senses now
Turned on to a knife edge view find some place where my friends don't go
And I was looking for a friend of mine
Down the streets, the houses looked the same getting drunker now,faces look the same
I walked round and round, no stomach, torn apart nail me to a train, had to think again
Trying to find a clue, trying to find a way to get out trying to move away, had to move away and keep out
Four, twelve windows, ten in a row behind a wall I looked down low
The lights shine like a neon show inserted deep felt a warmer glow
No place to stop, no place to go no to time to lose, had to keep on going
I guess they died some time ago I guess they died some time ago
And I was looking for a friend of mine

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